The authors acknowledge the citizens of Cape Town, those who run the City, and the many other stakeholders who rolled up their sleeves and helped pull everyone together in order to get through this drought.

Day Zero is not a product of the City of Cape Town. These stories were compiled as part of an independent research and analysis process, which draws from and interprets interviews conducted with a wide range of people employed by the City of Cape Town, and many other stakeholders. It does not reflect the views of the City of Cape Town itself.

The authors would like to thank all the people who agreed to share their perspectives through the interview process, as well as the various funders that allowed the research to take place. The Cities Support Programme funded the initial research report Unpacking the Cape Town Drought: Lessons Learned and the Mapula Trust funded the Day Zero publication, in order to get these stories to a wider audience. French insurance firm AXA funded Gina Ziervogel’s research on water resilience and urban governance in the City of Cape Town.

The views expressed in this book are the authors’.